Monday, June 20, 2011

29 days of giving challenge - the gift of comfort ... day 3

I know that I talk too much about 'the boy' aka Blondie the old-golden retriever mix.  But he is my only child and he is aging before my eyes.

As so many of us do, he has developed arthritis and joint pain and can no longer walk to the dog park without needing to stop and have a drink.  (In his younger days he zipped to the park and around it with all of his friends.)

Today when he gave me the mournful look to be with his friends, I put him in the back of the van and drove him less than one-quarter of a mile so he could see and be seen.  The van is an older Mazda MVP where the back seats can be made into a bench that doesn't quite span the full length of the area. 

Style.  Comfort.  Respect.

Not such a bad gift to give, is it?

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