Thursday, June 23, 2011

29 days of giving challenge - returning the favor ... day 6

Arizona is a community property state and I was raised in a community property frame of mind.  What that means is I don't limit the concept to my marriage ... it spreads to my entire family.  What is mine is theirs for the asking and vice versa.

Several weeks ago, darling dearest had a brush with fame and our beloved and much used van died and went to heaven.  The other driver would be considered famous, not the van.  The accident is another story, but it always leaves me wondering if I will ever have my own brush with fame or if I will just brush with those who brush with fame.

A couple of years ago through a lot of swapping, the van which had once been my sister's became my mother's.  It not only became my mother's but her favorite vehicle.

When our van went to the great parking lot in the sky, my mom generously offered us the use of her favorite.  Then she let me buy it from her.

Since her 'other' van, much newer, needed a little work, she got to have her favorite back for a couple of days.

How is that a gift? 

My sisters live out of town and when they come, they spend time shopping and really being with each other.  Since I live down the street, we don't seem to come together the same way for each other.

We got the gift of company, shopping, some laughter, and a fantastic afternoon.

Soon, the car will be done and mine will be returned to me. 

I hope we are able to share another day or afternoon like that and soon ... it is the most relaxed I've seen her in a long time.

Again it seems the gift is for me.  But aren't they all?  Really?

not current vehicle

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