Wednesday, June 8, 2011

29 Days of Giving - Day 6 - Allowing the tears

Years ago when my brother died, my own heart broke.  I tried for weeks to cover the intensity of the pain and the depth of the loss.

When I thought I was past the worst of it and wouldn't embarrass myself in public, I had a meeting with my mentor.  He was the first person outside of my family or friends I had exposed the soft underside of my belly and all of my vulnerabilities.

Ken was safe, kind and non-judgmental.

Today, it was my gift to offer that to a friend.  Her loss was different, but in the end all loss is the same and should be respected.

Someone who can trust and know there will be no change in the relationship is rare indeed.

I think today we both received a gift.

Please pass me a hanky.

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