Tuesday, June 7, 2011

29 Days of Giving - Day 5 -Joy in the little things

When I went to do a favor for a friend today, I decided that it was a two fold gift.  I am gifting her with peace of mind regarding her vacation home and I gifted my 'old gold' with a car ride and new smells.

Like so many of us, I've gotten jaded about what has value and what is important.

Old gold, also known as a retriever mix who is old and no longer quite so gold as he once was, is a well  seasoned citizen who gets such joy out of the odd car ride, fast food burger, or a brisk sit in a puddle, I've decided to adopt his view point.

Oh and the side benefit?  Stories I wrote and sent for publication over a year ago are going into print very soon and I have been in touch with a client.

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