Friday, June 10, 2011

29 Days of Giving - Day 8 - gift of laughter

I love my insurance agent and the people who work in his office.  I've been conditioned to love them because my agent's father was my father's agent when he moved to Phoenix long ago and far away.  When I needed insurance, it was a no brainer to stay with the office even though the father retired and the son took over.

Even if it is months between phone calls or visits (which I view as a good thing), they always remember who I am.  (Then again, some of my policies pre-date the births of some of the staffers - I inherited the numbers, so shoot me.) 

Anyway, Mona and Diana made my life easier today by changing a policy for me.

At the end of the conversation, I said, "I will forever sing your praises.  Thank you."

"Tell our boss!"

So I did.  I told him, "I sing from the praise book of all of your staff.  I might not be on the right hymn, and I  sing off key and I can't hold a beat, but I sing loudly and proudly that they are amazing."

It probably won't get anyone a raise, but it did lift the spirits of at least three people, four if I include myself.

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