Tuesday, July 5, 2011

29 days of giving challenge - Discount Shopping ... day 17

Larkin Brothers Department Store, Loogootee, IN
Shopping, according to my mother's side of the family, should be heralded as an Olympic sport.  At least it would be if they had any say about it.

Retail has been in the blood for well over 100 years - or it was - seems to have skipped over my generation.

"If it is wholesale or less, God meant for you to have it." Also known as being able to recognize a value and not get blinded by the price.  (Something  you don't need isn't a good buy even if it is 90$ off.)

I was able to 'justify' new bathing suits for my sisters and my mom today. 


I found an outlet/liquidator about 20 miles from home that had them at about 12.5% of the original price in the store.  I bought eight for the price of one ... not bad.

My gift is not just the swimsuits, it is also the family slogan/legacy.

Live long and shop well.

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