Sunday, July 3, 2011

29 days of giving challenge - Tinkerbell ... day 16

It has been said that there is nothing more intimidating to a writer than a blank page.  You can edit horrible writing, but there's not much you can do with a blank page. Origami, maybe.  Paper airplanes - that's about it.

I have a friend, Tinkerbell and she knows who she is, who has an evil sense of humor and sees the possibilities in everything.

Because there have been multiple stories in my head and I haven't been able to separate the voices, we had breakfast.  I do have fabulous writing friends who live out of state, but sometimes there is something to be said about debating someone's backstory over hash browns and Diet Coke.  It is just more interactive and besides, I have to listen to her - she aims a mean fork at me.

Jointly we pulled out the Writer's Tarot book I like so well I had her choose which layout and then her favorite numbers.  The horseshoe is a great design and it is only seven cards.  When I get stuck, I'm going to send her an email for one or two more numbers (to be used as clarifiers) and we'll move on from there.

Thanks for breakfast, Tink.


Karen said...

One word...Skype. Not the same as face to face, but next to the best thing with video.

Lisa said...

Skype ... after the first of next week, we must investigate ... is there any way to put up an image other than my ugly mug? I can be out and out scary looking (most days) hence the need to borrow the Rock!