Sunday, July 3, 2011

29 days of giving challenge - a little charity work day ... 14

Once again, I fall behind ... *sigh* One day, I'll remain on top of everything.  But if I do that, will gravity still work?  Probably (darn the luck).

I have always collected people who are smarter, better skilled, more thoughtful, and more charitable than me.  It gives me a lot to live up to and it opens my eyes to additional possibilities.  Consider me lucky to bask in the glow of their light(s).

For years, my mom has purchased fabric for all kinds of projects (from clothes to curtains to slip covers).  She has an ability to see not only the possibility and timelessness of some patterns, but she is also able to engineer things to make the best possible use of the fabric she does have.  As a result of frugal use and frugal shopping, she has an incredible store of fabric.

Somehow a project came to her attention as a way to use some of it and give back to the community.  This project is one that gives kids in the foster system something of their own they can use to carry their belongings from place to place.  Personalized duffel bags.

I am not a great sewer, I can barely make a straight line.  I am great at turning things like straps.  So, three of us worked on the project to develop our own prototype.  One turned straps, someone else ironed seams and fabric, and finally my mom did the sewing.

The assembly line wasn't too efficient the first day, but I know we are going to get better.  I also know this might change one child's life.  Possibly two.

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lizzy said...

lovely idea...