Sunday, July 17, 2011

29 days of giving ... day 21 - the gift of creativity

My mother is a multi-talented designer.  She does amazing bead work and can slap a few beads together for a necklace faster than I can say Jack Robinson. At one point, I thought I was going to do some of it, then I figured out just how much it was going to cost me to do what I thought I was going to love.  Besides, she has the better eye.

On this particular day, she needed someone to just be with her.  Worked for me, too.  Sometimes there's nothing quite like just being with someone you love.

Except we weren't ... I mean, we did quiet for a couple of minutes and then picked a project.  In some ways it was a way for her to let her creativity out and in others, I directly benefited because I wanted a few new bracelets.

Actually, not so much bracelets as new bands for the ever present, ever ugly Medic Alert bracelet.  I found some on line where I could swap around what I've got for what they had, but the money involved was huge!

So, we did it together.  In under an hour I have three new bands for the charm.  It now disappears and looks like I've got something nice on rather than something clunky.

A two way gift, not a bad thing.

Pictures pending - promise.

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