Sunday, July 17, 2011

29 days of giving ... day 24 - the gift of story and appreciation

Blondie took 'his' little girl for a walk at the dog park.  I went with him, just in case he had too many admirers ... yeah, that's it.

Ok, so we borrowed K and her mom for the evening, but she who holds the leash and the bag of cookies has the loyalty.

After the boy had consumed most of his cookies and had gone as far as his old hips would allow, we headed back through the softball area.

Blondie met the most gracious man who knew exactly how to rub him and how to provide water from a bottle (I can do it, but it always tastes better if some one else is pouring).The gentleman fussed over Blondie and was very good with K, too.

While the boys were having their love-in, it came to light that he had just given the love of his life away.  It was the most selfless thing he said he had ever done.  Honestly, I think he spent weeks debating about it and choosing the right home for his companion. I know what he does for a living and I understand how a dog wouldn't work there and how h is life changed, but I could also see how much his heart had broken.

Next week, the boy and I are going to take a walk at about the same time and in the same place and hope he is playing ball again ... they could both use the support.

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Anonymous said...

That's very sad. Don't you wonder what his companion thinks/feels? Is he sad and lonely too..despite the new good home. Does he wonder what he did wrong, that his master abandoned him (not really but still....)? Makes me cry...