Sunday, July 17, 2011

29 days of giving ... day 27, the gift of dog kisses

Blondie has a side career ... other than acting like he's cute.  He actually gives 'dog' lessons to young kids.  Because he's never been an alpha (read: he's a lover not a fighter) and he is smallish (80 pounds is smallish, isn't it?), he is very approachable by young and old alike.

Last night outside of his park, after reading the wee-mail left on the pillars and posts outside the entrance, there was a four-year old boy who wanted to see the dogs but had never been close to one before.  The park was crowded and it was a little overwhelming for him.  OK, it was overwhelming for Blondie, too - he likes it when things are quiet.

After getting the mom's permission we all got off the beaten path and I introduced them and showed him how to pet Blondie and what felt good.

Several minutes, lots of scratches, and several animal crackers (it just sounds wrong that my dog likes animal crackers, but I've never seen any human crackers to buy him), the mom was tired and hot.

The little boy didn't want to leave until he had a kiss goodbye.  Evidently everyone he loved got kissed goodbye.  Blondie didn't disappoint - he did however get a great giggle from the child in addition to a great intro to the dog world.

I wonder just what kind of dog he'll own before long?

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