Friday, August 26, 2011

I always thought this was a joke ... it isn't.

Once upon a time, my father used to tell a joke.

Why does God make babies and puppies cute?

So they might live into adulthood.

I always ALWAYS thought this was a joke.  Having a couple of nieces and nephews, I knew they were cute but didn't see or help them get into too much trouble - probably a distance thing.  I never had a puppy, so I couldn't apply that knowledge either.

Technically, the new dog isn't a puppy.  Technically based on her teeth and a lot of guessing, we have her at about one year (give or take).

The problem?

No one has told her yet that she is a full grown critter ... she has no idea that:

All gates aren't challenges to see how high she can jump.

Thunder's stuffed animals belong to  him, and he can share if he WANTS to but isn't required to.

Sleeping on the bed is reserved for humans (usually).

Laundry isn't a chew toy ... at least it isn't her chew toy - it is an expensive habit.

Computer cables and power cords don't taste good - or they might, but it is a bit of a shock to think that she wants to chew them on a regular basis.My computer and internet service have been problematic since she moved in and escaped from jail on a regular basis.

Why jail? (Actually it is a kennel that has lots of toys, a blanket, and her kong - but it has bars and she acts like the warden is sending her up the river every time she goes inside.)

Jail is where I can put her when I need to work, want to catch up with friends/family, when I want to run the vacuum.  I do know that if I sit still long enough, the desire to vacuum will go away on its own, but sometimes a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do.

The moral of this shaggy dog story? 

In every joke, there is at least one nugget of truth.

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