Monday, September 26, 2011

back to the 29 days of giving ... the remix

A couple of months ago, I did the 29 days of giving challenge - twice.  I did it and dropped out and started again - so it was more like 35 days (or so) of giving.

I didn't think it changed me, but it did.  Sort of.

I mean that I didn't perceive a huge shift in me or in my perceptions, but other people did - or at least they were able to see things about me they hadn't been aware of.

After I finished it, I missed it.  It was kind of like when I've written something I've loved (either the plot or the characters) and missed it desperately when it was over. 

So, much like an author who does a series (he/she knows the characters, the world, the primary conflicts), I am going to do the 29 days of giving again. 

I am searching for the best possible series to write, too, but James Herriott covered a lot of ground with his animal stories and there is only so much one can say about those kinds of things ...

The giving has already begun, but the blogging/documenting is backlogged.

Here's crossing fingers that it will be a great month and that I can strike some of the right (and write) notes.

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