Sunday, October 9, 2011

29 days of giving - day 4 - the dog park

The young, the athletic, the stubborn young dog has decided it is time to do some training of her newly acquired humans. 

She walks like a cat on a leash.  Lots of swivel and hip action (if she were a human it would be apparent that she preferred high heels and short skirts).  She also likes to go where ever her nose leads her and she doesn't care if she pulls to get there.

Rides in the car where she is kenneled somehow didn't appeal to her.  She doesn't just want to be in the driver's seat, she wants to help steer the car.  Sadly she likes to drive on the left side of the street and not the right ... she could have had another career.  The kennel was incorporated when she got tangled in the wheel and only the fact I was driving on a quiet and empty residential street saved an accident.

Blondie does well at the park, but now he has to have aspirin a couple of hours before he goes.

The Golden Girl isn't so sure how she feels about other dogs in her park.  (She went one time when no one else was there so she claimed all of it.)  She is starting to make friends.  She is also behaving like a kid who doesn't want to go home when Mom says time is up.

The gift to her is socialization.  The gift to the blond is extra meds for his hips.  The gift to the humans?  Fresh air, an extra walk, our own socialization.

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