Sunday, October 9, 2011

29 days of giving - day 3 - donation to charity

Did you know that consigning your clothes is a lot of work?

Did you know most consignment stores only want perfect, nearly new (as in no more than a couple of seasons old), designer pieces?

Did you know I own almost nothing like that?

There are times when I thank the storage gods that I don't have a very big closet.  Then again, there are times when I curse those same gods because I have no attic and no basement.

By having a relatively small closet, I am forced to go through the bowels of my closet and remove items that just aren't right anymore (and some items that are old enough to be in middle school survive year after year). Said items are donated to shelters that give the clothing directly to people in need.

When I filled the black garbage bag, hubby asked if we wouldn't just go to a local thrift store that supports those same causes.


I shop in those stores (I'm thrifty and I never have cared if my clothing is this season's latest and greatest). 

Selfishly, I want my donation to count and mean something.

I felt better about me and my place in the universe as soon as the bag was in the back of the car.

I know I'd feel even better about life and my place in the world if hubby would only let me go through his goodies and donate from his side of the closet!

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