Monday, October 10, 2011

29 days of giving - day 7 - glasses

The other day, I decided to clean out my dresser.  I found an amazing number of things I had no idea I owned or just how long they had been living in my drawers!

Among the debris I found several pairs of glasses and a set of pearls.  (The pearls were the perfect length for the new dog and she likes them. All young girls need a strand of pearls, right?)

The rule of thumb has always been to hold on to at least one pair of old glasses in the event the new ones are put into harm's way (or in my case in the event someone sits on them and breaks the frames - but I digress).

There was no way I needed eight pairs of glasses as 'back ups'.  I'm not that forgetful about where I put them and I no longer leave them on the seat of my car, so no one has sat on them lately.

Today, the Lion's Club was gifted with several new to them pairs of glasses.

I feel better about having de-cluttered and I hope that someone gets the gift of improved vision.

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