Monday, October 3, 2011

29 days of giving - the importance of being the numskull

The 29 days of giving is supposed to be a somewhat organic experience.  But to really do it, a person should look to each day and have the best possible experience on that day.  It isn't supposed to be a game, but some days it feels like one.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite board (or bored - you choose) games was SMESS.  Smess was a game of chess for those of use who didn't necessarily have all of the skills and couldn't remember quite which piece did what thing.  Think of it as chess with training wheels ... except I like training wheels.
What does this have to do with giving and gifting?

Some days, I don't feel like I don't have any pieces on the board, so it really isn't a problem if I don't have any moves worked out.

Other times,  I let the details of a project overwhelm what I think I want to do and/or achieve.  I want to become the BRAIN.  The Brain should be the best character on the board, after all, we fight to keep our brain. 

In all actuality, the Brain doesn't have that much power and is only special since he is the only one on the board.

The NINNY pretty much just goes where he is told and does what the board allows him to do ... think corporate drone.  I have spent way too much time being the Ninny in my life. 

My goal is actually to be the NUMSKULL.  The numskull can pretty much do as he chooses (within the rules) and has the power but not the responsibility.  So I am shooting to be the numskull this time around.  Enjoy what there is to enjoy and play hard.

Wish me well as I start over ... probably not for the first time.

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