Sunday, October 9, 2011

29 days of giving - life as the Ninny - starting over again

Last week was not a failure despite the fact that I dropped the ball on the 29 days of giving challenge and am beginning yet again.

Why am I the Ninny?

Let's look at the obvious:
1.  Some days I am more blue than I want to admit
2.  I feel like I am as round as I am tall (not true, but I will never earn the nickname Willow)
3.  I need to update my hair again
4.  I tend to plod through life ... the Ninny only gets to make one move at a time and (if memory serves) can only go in one direction.  Multi-tasking is over rated; we all do multiple things all day long but unless we are hooked to one of those one man band gizmos, we are really just doing one thing and then do the next thing.

Now that the identity crisis is over, I can begin (yet) again.

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