Monday, September 26, 2011

29 days of giving, day 1 the power of sarcasm

Did you ever own a Magic 8 ball?

I did.  Actually, I owned several.

Unfortunately, I really had hopes, high hopes, that the secret to the Universe could be found by thinking up my question and letting the ball provide me my destiny.

With time comes age and should come wisdom.  I know I have gotten the age part handled. 


I think the jury is still out and has been for quite some while - rumor has it they have ordered out for lunch, snacks and dinner.

Stumbling into sarcasm wasn't hard in my youth.  Some of the funnies comedians I have ever heard have a touch of sarcasm and/or interesting twists on the truth or reality of the world.

This fall, my nephew has gone away to college (can anyone else hear the sniffing and notice the wadded up tissues by the keyboard?).  Convinced that his parents only gave him the essentials (computer, clothes, new sheets, and a supply of ramen noodle packets), I knew something was going to be lacking - humor.

I dialed the Way Back Machine to my own college days and remembered that sometimes something unexpected from someone unanticipated could mean the whole world ... so I did it.  I made the sacrifice and sent him my very own Sarcastic Ball.

I don't know if he will understand or appreciate the importance of his own Sarcastic Ball (the store didn't have any Magic 8 Balls), but rumor has it he has a wicked sense of  humor.

I hope he doesn't use it when his father calls and asks about his grades.

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