Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Speaking of Love

Drum roll please!
Robert Indiana Love Sculpture in Arizona

Speaking of Love has just been released by Bright Light Multimedia and I'm pleased as punch about it.  I had the chance to write a short little something that was accepted into this august group! For over a year, I've known it was coming and I've been cheering them on all the way from the desert southwest to Australia.  No doubt they didn't hear me, but it was good exercise anyway.

You see, I've always looked at anthologies like a buffet, there's a little something for everyone and all of it is good.

From a reader's point of view, it is a chance to sample something new from a new author or in a new genre.  Stories are short enough to enjoy but long enough to really savor.

From a contributor's point of view, an anthology is a chance to stretch into a new genre, topic, or even point of view.

Even if my small piece hadn't been accepted, I would have bought and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I'm a romantic at heart and always have a little something in my purse to read.

A nice holiday gift, don't you think?

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