Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why don't they have 'real' progress meters?

My dear friend, Hunter, gave me a link to a great progress meter to record my NaNo word count.

The problem is that it is accurate.

What I think I want is a 'real' meter.  One that records all of the things I'm letting get in the way of the next America's best selling novel.

Things that could be recorded:

  • Loads of laundry that desperately need to be done.
  • Dog fights
  • Meals prepared
  • Dishes washed (from china cabinet that haven't been used for years)
  • Rotation of spices in the cupboard
  • Audit of medicine cabinet
  • Refiling fingernails so that they don't get stuck between keys forcing those pesky typographical errors
  • Hunting for Dust Bunnies (it is hunting season, right?)

On these things, I have made stellar progress.

Word count?

Well, I'm working on it.

  • Butt in chair.
  • Hands on keyboard.
  • Head in the clouds.


Anonymous said...

so cute--butt in chair, head in the clouds! Oh I know exactly how you feel!



Lisa said...

I blame head in the clouds for all of the recent weather problems!

Thanks for popping by!