Sunday, November 6, 2011

29 days of giving day 20 - 29 ... the gift of silence

Well, it might seem like I gave up on the 29 days of giving ... I didn't.  Not really.  I did allow myself to get lazy when we had internet service interruption.

What that means is, no real attempt to go to the library to check e-mail or post anything.

It doesn't mean I gave up on the project.

I do feel a bit like Scrooge.  I want to carry a bit of it around and keep it all to myself.

The project showed me more of my character flaws than I'd like to admit ... but it also showed me humanity and a need to be more humble every day.

Maybe later I'll be more like Scrooge when he discovers it is Christmas Day and he willingly shares everything with the rest of the world.

Life is a classroom.

The lessons are invaluable but only if you are willing to act on them.

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