Monday, June 6, 2011

29 Days of Giving - Day 4 - Just a Matter of Time

My mom is one of the most active, creative, and vibrant 60+ somethings that I know.  She usually has so many irons on the fire, we seem to pass each other despite the fact she doesn't live but five miles down the street from me.

Today, I gave the gift of time and true conversation to her. We talked, laughed, and worked on jewelry.  Did I mention that she is a great jewelry designer?  Each piece is unique, textured and layered.  Think of a painting from a great artist and notice that sometimes there is far more going on than just the still life, you might be able to see the reflection of the child in the mirror above the plate or you might notice that the person sitting for the portrait is painted in mismatched shoes.  That is what looking at her necklaces and bracelets is like to me.  Sure, I can look at the stones and realize what she's used, but when I look at the combination of the stones with the seed and other beads, combined with the copper or silver bits it takes things to a different level.

While I have always appreciated the pieces she's made for me, today I took the time to not only look and see, but truly appreciate her work for what it is.

All it cost me was a little time.

Thanks, Mom.

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lizzy said...

This is lovely. I am glad you had the chance to really connect with your mom. I d love to see her work?