Sunday, October 9, 2011

29 days of giving - day 1

For all of my growing up years, I had a second family of sorts.  I loved so many things about them including the fact they had their own mascot.  Quincy.  How many people adopt quails and allow them to live in the house with the family?

Why does this matter? 


Quincy's old nest periodically needs someone to look in on it and make sure things are going well.  (The nest is still visited from time to time, but has no permanent residents save the jackrabbits in the yard.)

Thursday I discovered one of the agave plants was failing and some screens needed mending.

The agave I can't do much about, but I can let Quincy's sister know that the plant was either failing or had been vandalized.  (It was failing and she knew.)

How is this a gift?

She can't check for herself and I'd rather check in when there is no cause and all is well than just show up for an emergency.

some days we are all a little bent
The gift is small, but I'm working my way back through things.

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