Sunday, October 9, 2011

29 days of giving - day 2 - ecards

Once upon a midnight dreary, I used to see myself as somewhat responsible for keeping the post office afloat.  I wrote (read typed and then later printed from my computer) notes and letters to family and friends.  I wrote somewhat regularly ... the habit was drummed into me as a child and the lesson(s) was/were well learned.  Them that writes letters, gets letters - usually.  So my best friend in college didn't always remember to write after she got a letter, she would write volumes a couple of times a year.  They were worth the wait.

I hold myself partially responsible for the problems with the post office.  In the past four or five years, I have gotten slovenly about writing actual letters and began sending e-cards and far more e-mail than in the past. 

In the more recent past, my slovenly behavior has gotten even worse and I haven't even sent out many e-cards.

Again, them that writes (letters, notes, cards, blogs) gets acknowledgement down the road.

I fired up an e-card program to which I have subscribed and wrote several cards to my nearest and dearest.  When I say several, read about 15 cards and more than that as recipients.

I am working on thoughtfulness and remembering important things ... now I am just doing much more of it electronically.

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