Tuesday, October 18, 2011

29 days of giving - day 12 - a little kindness

As posted, mentioned, earlier.  The yard is going through a major transformation.  Part of the reason for transforming the yard now has to do with Major Brush Removal from our city.   Once per month, the city comes and will remove large batches of yard clippings and bagged/sealed items so the homeowners don't have to make a trip to the dump.

In the boys enthusiasm to clear the yard and get the most of our tax dollars, the pile for the city workers was high and deep.  So high that we filled their hopper not once but twice.  Had they had a bit more energy, we could have filled it three times.

Despite the fact the city offers the service as part of the utility bill, sometimes I still want to do the right thing.

A minor monetary contribution to their after 5:00 effort was made after the first load was filled.

I don't know if it did anything for them (maybe a beer or two), but it did something for me.

There are so many people in our lives every day who are unsung and under appreciated, it was nice to do something for them.  To let them know that appreciation goes beyond their paychecks.

Thanks guys.

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