Tuesday, October 18, 2011

29 days of giving - day 13 - following the leader

It is no secret that I have an addiction to audiobooks.  They are amazing company when you are cleaning, driving, exercising, you know where I'm going.  Sure I read a lot, but you can't read a page here or a paragraph there when you are in rush hour traffic.  Well maybe you can, I can't.

I have followed Jennifer Crusie for a while.  Recently, she teamed with another author Bob Mayer and together they wrote some fun romantic/suspense/paranormal books.  Agnes and the Hitman was probably my favorite.

Anyway, to make a long post longer, I started to follow his blog.  He's smart, witty, insightful, and an amazing leader (being former military can do that to a guy).

For a relatively low price he has two seminars available as MP3 downloads.  Sure, I'd rather attend one and get the full impact of his presentations, but sometimes that isn't an option.

Why is this important?


He is one of the authors to watch as publishing changes in the next several years.  He doesn't claim to have a crystal ball but he knows the trends, follows them, encourages others to do the same, and shares the information with those of us who are still at the starting blocks because we never heard the gun go off.

I did send a quickie thank you note to him after I received the seminars.

Shouldn't the money have been enough?

Probably.  But once in a while it is nice to know that you are appreciated.

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