Tuesday, October 18, 2011

29 days of giving - day 15 - more following the leader

Kindergarten was a traumatic time for me ... it was when I learned, really learned that you have to be careful who you follow when you play Follow the Leader.  When we had to line up to go home for the day, I followed the leader - all of the way to her house.

This wouldn't have been so awful except that my mom was waiting at the front of the school for me and had no idea where I went.  If memory serves, my posterior got a nice blistering after she got me safely home.

What's the point?

Since the trauma, I have gotten much more careful about the leaders I have chosen.

I stumbled upon Joanna Penn a Britt who is making her way through the maze that is fiction writing in the e-book age.  More importantly, she is sharing the wealth with the rest of us.  It seems to me that she must have taken a Zig Ziglar seminar.  He was very big on getting what you want by helping other people get what they want.

Ms. Penn has a great blog and a lengthy podcast list that she shares at no charge to her readers/subscribers.  She helps the authors/editors/creative people get their platform out, discussed, heard by potentially thousands and she gets some/many of the questions I'm certain she herself wanted and needed answered at the same time.

She and most of her guests are huge on Twitter/Facebook and the all important author's platform.  Seems I can develop them for others, we'll see how I do for myself.  So, I am dipping my toes into Twitter and Facebook ... we'll see how that all works out.

After having listened to most of her podcasts (I love my Sansa MP3 player, it's like a Timex - it takes a licking and all of that), I dropped another thank you note.

Not a huge gift, but I hope she liked it.

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