Monday, October 24, 2011

29 days of giving - day 19 - organization

The piles and stacks are high and deep in my office.  The dust bunnies have become moose and then warped into elephants.  Yet here I am, oblivious to it all organizing someone else's meeting.



I organize well inside of my head and electronically.  I can lay my fingers on virtually, no pun intended, anything I've written, read, or cared enough about to keep.  Paper thiings, well, not so much.  I recently sent a Christmas card to a friend, not because I'm early, but because I wanted to mail a real card and it was the first one I could actually find where the card and envelope matched (sort of) and no one got hurt putting the card in the envelope.  Hey, it's a real problem sometimes.

Now on the computer, I'm a different person.  Not only am I organized, capable of multi-tasking, I'm also tall, thin, about fifteen years younger than I look, and smart as a whip (then again, spell check works on most of the programs I use - it makes a difference).  I finish projects quickly and easily ... not so much the case as I look around the house and see things that might have been finished long ago.

Anyway, I blather in person and her ... I put together a nifty form for meeting minutes for someone who runs a lot of volunteers on several committees. She's a terrific person and is a lot like me - paper flies out of her hands and flutters around her office.

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