Tuesday, October 18, 2011

29 days of giving - day 9 - connection

I'm the first to admit, and not proudly, that I have let more than a few people disappear from my life.  It usually isn't intentional, it is more like muscle atrophy.

Luckily for me, muscles have memories and so do many friends.

Somehow, someone very special strolled back into my life.  He is one of my 'boyfriends' without being one of those boyfriends.  Hubby wouldn't approve of a real one, if you get my meaning.  While I had missed him, I figured he had his own life and was going in a new direction.

We rediscovered each other in the parking lot of one of those big box stores.

He's back and I'm thrilled.  I hope he's ok with it, too.

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