Tuesday, October 18, 2011

29 days of giving - day 10 - just saying yes

TLC has a show on Friday nights "Say Yes to the Dress" of which I am a massive fan.  I am probably a bigger fan of it because I have no daughter who is looking for a wedding dress that will set me back several thousand dollars and because I never went through the trials and tribulations of trying a bunch of dresses on.

Saying Yes is actually the big deal here.

Being willing to say Yes and go forward can be a massive step in any direction.

not my yard ...
I will never be P. Allen Smith (from PBS garden show) and be enthusiastic about garden work (read weeding and weed control here people).  I do however appreciate a yard that is more or less free of volunteer plantings.  So, I donned my ugly shorts, a borrowed baseball cap, my old and scratched sunglasses, and oversized leather gloves and got to work on one small section of yard.

After about an hour, my yard service of one was doubled.  Then boyfriend no. one showed up an hour later.

Three hours, a pizza, a six pack of beer, and most of the detritus in my backyard was ready for major brush removal.

How is this saying "Yes" to anybody?

Hubby asked if I wanted a little help.

I said yes.

When the two boyfriends each called to shoot the breeze with hubby, he told them what we were doing.

I said yes to each and all.

I'm not quite sure who got the gift, feels like me, but I think they all got something out of it, too.

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